Our People

At Coastline we provide teams of technicians that have been specially trained to carry out the services you need. From cleaning services that will keep your building looking pristine and appealing, to providing a team able to restore your premises following an emergency or incident, our highly skilled technicians are here to help.


“It is the mission of Coastline (BC) Facility Services Ltd. to become the company of choice for our clients and the industries we serve. Being committed to excellence and integrity in all aspects of our operation, we earn the loyalty of our clients through superior service and value and consistently exceeding their expectations”


Our core values are integrity, engagement, transparency, respect, responsiveness, trust, professionalism and accountability.

We live our values daily with the support of our clients. This includes:

  • We are honest in all of our business dealings, treating all clients with respect and thoughtfulness.
  • We are transparent in our dealings with clients and with our staff. We share all of our collected information and work with clients to assure our services meet or exceed their needs.
  • We are engaged – encouraging a fully engaged staff and working with clients on committees, task groups and at the unit level. We believe in shared problem solving, as the results are positive and long lasting.
  • We respect each other – our staff, our clients, our peers and competitors.
  • We are responsive to clients changing needs. We work closely to identify in advance where changes or improvements can be made and implement before a problem arises. When a specific issue is identified we meet with the client to make sure we understand the issue, develop solutions and make changes quickly.
  • We build trust with our staff and clients through honest dialogue, active listening and responsiveness.
  • We are professional and provide training to all staff. Once training has occurred we measure to make sure there is a full understanding and where appropriate, certify staff. We expect our staff to be professional at all times when caring out their duties.
  • We strongly believe in accountability. We are supportive in not only having standards, but also measuring against those standards consistently to demonstrate effectiveness or to understand where improvements are necessary.