Snow removal

When snow falls, business is affected. To ensure that your customers and employees are able to safely access your place of business, the Coastline team will clear the snow and apply ice-melt, whether it is just the entrance, walkways or the entire parking lot.  Between our plows, ATV’s, snow blowers and manpower, we are able to assist with all of your winter service needs.

Our fleet of vehicles and specialized equipment are ready for all snow removal procedures, depending on what factors are involved, such as amount and types of snow, location being cleared, equipment needed for particular areas (parking lots, foot-traffic paths, commercial walkways), and weather conditions.

Snow removal truck

Truck Plow

Proven cost effective, snow removal by truck plows is ideal for large sites with long parking stretches, such as shopping malls or industrial areas. If a site can fit one of our truck plows, our team can rapidly clean those large spaces so your business in not impacted.

ATV with Plow

ATV Plow

The ATV plow clear away snow and ice in order to get to sidewalks, driveways, doorways, and other snow removal needs in tight spaces.

Snow Blower

A snow blower or snow thrower is a machine for removing snow from an area where it is problematic, such as a driveway, sidewalk, roadway, railroad track, or runway. It has a rotating impeller (or auger) that throws the snow.

Snow shoveling

Our teams can also remove snow where vehicles and other snow removal machinery can not, such as stairs, entrances, ramps, narrow areas near trees or rocks, etc. If your vehicle cannot have access to remove it, our ground workers will handle the task for you.

Ice Melting

Ice melt is widely used for de-icing of roads and crosswalks, parking lots, sidewalks and other outdoor floors. We only select ice melt that are proven to be efficient and long-lasting while remaining harmless to the environment.